Dethatching & Aeration:

Got moss in your lawn? Lawn not looking its best? We will come in and professionally de-thatch and aerate your lawn to give back its deep green luster again.

What is De-thatching/Power raking?

De-thatching involves the removal of the matted layer of dead and decaying plant material between growing grass and the soil, known as thatch. Thatch is removed by combing the turf by hand with a specialized thatching rake or for larger lawns with a machine called a Power Rake. The deep raking pulls the matted thatch up from the soil and deposits it on top of the lawn. Once the lawn is power raked, The thatch is removed and disposed of.

How can I tell if I need my lawn de-thatched?

Simply run your finger down into the lawn like a small rake and pinch your fingers together. If you end up with a clamp of yellow thatch in you hand then, you need to de-thatch. Or if your lawn is off-color and thinning, and you can't see bare ground between the plants but instead see matted, fibrous material, it's time to de-thatch.

What will de-thatching do for my lawn?

De-thatching can benefit your lawn by:

  • • Increasing the availability of nutrients.
  • • Helping prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from thatch matted areas.
  • • Enhancing oxygen levels in the soil, and stimulating root and rhizome growth in soil instead of thatch matte.
  • • Increasing your lawn's resistance to disease and insects.
  • • Increasing your lawn's drought tolerance and improving its overall health.
  • • Promoting a lush green lawn!

What is Aeration?

Aeration involves the removal plugs of soil from your lawn. Aeration is can be done by hand using a pitch fork or other sharp tool, but is usually done by a machine called a Aerator or Core-Aerator. The Aerator pulls the plugs of the matted thatch and grass up from the soil and deposits it on top of the lawn. Once the lawn is aerated, The plugs are then removed and disposed of. The holes that are left behind can be left open or most commonly filled with a mixture of Peat Moss and organic fertilizer to promote feeding of the surrounding lawn.

The benefits of Aeration include:

  • • Improves air to the roots
  • • Promotes deeper root growth
  • • Saves on your watering bill
  • • Helps the seed germinate and become established
  • • Stimulates beneficial microorganisms
  • • Breaks up hardpan soil
  • • Creates a lush, thick, healthy lawn!

Not sure if your lawn needs De-Thatching or Aeration?
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