Irrigation Systems:

From design, to installation and service, our trained and certified staff will ease your watering worries.

Lawn & landscape irrigation is a highly specialized skill that combines the use of plumbing, electronics and hydraulic engineering to deliver the correct amount of water to your lawn and landscape plants. The correct amount of water to keep plants and turf healthy can change every day.

Rainfall, temperature, wind, day length, soil type, soil water capacity and several other factors all change on a daily basis to affect how much water your lawn & landscape needs. We offer rain sensors that turn off your system after natural rainfall has occurred. We also offer control units that have remote controls or even USB/LAN hook-ups for connecting to your computer! They will even keep your system turned off until the soil dries out and requires more water. If your lawn or plants get too much water, it not only wastes water but is harmful to the plants. Too little water and your plants and lawn suffer as well. Our job is to make sure your plants and turf get just the right amount of water for a landscape that enhances the beauty and health of your outdoor world.

Premier Landscaping & Yard Care has a State of Oregon Licensed Irrigator on staff: for the design, installation, and repair of your Irrigation System. Look for the licensing from any contractor you contact for the design, installation or repair of any irrigation system.

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